Scroll Cabinet

Seattle, WA

Scroll Cabinet
The dynamic energy of a fiddlehead fern provided the seed for this design. Over the years, sketches of fiddleheads have appeared in sketchbooks as an image rendered in marquetry on cabinet doors. In response to this form, first the edges of the top and base of the cabinet curled, the pulls curled and then the feet themselves took on the curling spiral of the fiddle head. The dynamic power of the furled fronds, now expressed in the solid wood feet, has become a bolder and simpler image. This shift called for a simple, linear, diagonal grain in the doors.

An extensive veneer search brought me to Larch with it's soft colors in parallel grain lines and lovely reminiscence of hiking on the Eastern slopes of Washington State.

Then and Now: Curved forms have always been prominent in my designs. In any new design, navigating uncharted waters is what makes it exciting and challenging. How to cut the feet was a mystery. How to handle the veneer, and how the two grains would look together were all questions. As I move forward in the process of discovering a new design, I trust the spark and integrity of the original sketches. Once again, they did not let me down.




38 × 16 × 40 in


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