Matthew X. Curry

Matthew looks through a mirror frame

Matthew X. Curry studied at the Pratt Institute School of Architecture in New York.

His architectural training informs all areas of his 20+ year, multi-faceted career including architectural interiors, furniture design, as well as fine art drawings, sculpture and woodworking.

Matthew has had the good fortune to practice in diverse arenas including yacht interiors, legal/investment firms, celebrity offices, screening rooms, restaurants and nightclubs. His work has appeared in several periodicals, galleries on both coasts, TV/film with a feature on HGTV’s “Generation Renovation” and on several HBO programs.

His collaboration with so many talented woodworkers on architectural projects through the years inspired Matthew to further a study in woodworking and the depth of the craft.

Matthew’s environmental sculpture, furniture and exotic wood box making have been the result of that study while also allowing an exploration into different woods, materials, design and techniques.

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