Once A Tree

Seattle, WA
Once A Tree

I bought this 4 foot long walnut log and held onto it trying to figure out how I could ever use this odd piece of highly figured wood. I figured out a method of cutting the log on the bandsaw in multiple ways to get a book matched top as well as hollowing out most of the good wood on the inside, okay, it was a little scary of a cut. I textured the whole inside of the log as if a beaver had cleaned it out for me, and then reglued things back into the half log again. The wood from inside, I then used to make the cradle that holds the bench. There was a little donut shaped rock I found on the seashore and used that to help hold the door open and direct the cord into the box when the lid closed. Box, bench and sculpture in one.

Once A Tree


  • Mortise-and-tenon
  • Solid


  • Conversion Varnish




42 × 18 × 18 in


Built on demand

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